Engine and Drive Train Diagnosis

Diagnosis is the first and most important step

Finding out what is causing your problem is always the first step at Payes Automotive. We realize that getting the problem fixed means finding out what the problem is, at the lowest level. Once we have a full understanding of the problem, we can recommend only the automotive repair services you truly need.

During diagnostics we will:

  • Listen to the customer - We will listen as you explain the problem and symptoms, gathering as much information as we can to help us know where to look and what to do first.
  • Use computer diagnostics - Our advanced computer diagnostics can help us quickly and efficiently understand the problem. We use the computer as a tool, not to replace our experienced and trained mechanics.
  • Perform a visual inspection - Years of experience means we know what to look for. Warning and tell-tale signs inside your engine bay will help us find the source of your auto problems.
  • Perform a test drive - If necessary, we will test drive your vehicle to see and feel the symptoms first hand.

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